How to avoid dairy and what to eat instead

In my previous article I explained why cutting out dairy is beneficial for our health, as it is has been scientifically linked to acne, cancer and weight gain. However, avoiding dairy is quite tricky as it is hidden in many foods we consume that we might not expect could contain it. So here is my guideline on how to avoid dairy and what you can eat instead!


So, lets begin with the obvious and most important ones:

Dairy product  

What to eat instead

Cow’s milk

Soy milk, any nut milks (almond, hazelnut, …), any grain milk (rice, oat, …)

I recommend making your own milks with a soy milk machine, which is very easy, convenient, way healthier and cheaper in the long run!


Soy yoghurt, coconut yoghurt

Try to buy natural flavoured ones without sugar.


Organic cold-pressed coconut oil is the best option. 

There is a big difference between organic ones and commercial ones. A good quality coconut oil should smell heavenly! I use this one.

I avoid margarine, as it is way too processed and is even worse than butter in my opinion.


Nutritional Yeast tastes almost like parmesan, you can also use grated cashews as a topping for pasta.

If you have any cheese cravings, try having some slightly roasted nuts instead! It consists of lots of good fats and protein 😉

Where you might not expect it right away:

Dairy product

What to eat instead

Ice Cream/


There are now really good vegan gelatos out there, at least in Vienna XD. Or choose a vegan brand!

Or make one yourself – there are plenty of recipes out there.


(e.g. mayo,

sour cream,

salad dressing)

Avocado (Combine with spices and it will taste amazing! <3)

Tahini (Sesame butter)

Peanut butter

For salad: Salt, pepper, vinegar and whole cane sugar plus some herbs goes a long way 😉


Yes, most chocolates contain milk. There are vegan ones, or choose some dark chocolate that don’t contain milk.

Coffee creamer

Switch to some soy milk or other nut milks, or drink it black, which is much healthier btw.

Cakes and

baked goods

Make your own, avoid or limit your intake, it’s not good for you anyway. Have fruits and nuts instead! =)

You might encounter some initial negative reactions (e.g. breakouts, cold etc.) after a change in diet. This is perfectly normal, as the body is getting rid of the residue of toxins, so it can start the healing process. It will get better and heal, trust me! Give it at least 2 weeks time, you will be amazed by the change afterwards. Good luck! =)


If you find this post helpful, please share it with your loved ones, so they can benefit from this knowledge. Sharing is caring! =)


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