Why edible wild plants are the epitome of food

Edible wild plants and herbs are a fantastic source of nutrition – naturally organic, they grow with great sunlight, air and soil of the mountains, thus absorbing the best energy of mother nature. There is a wide range of wild plants that can be used not only as food, but also as medicine. How can you make use of this most natural and powerful source of food?

I had the great opportunity to participate in the Wild Plants Workshop by Dr. Michael Machatschek, an expert in this field with over 35 years of experience, a rare and valuable knowledge that he is passionate to pass on.

„How can you ever be sick if you eat wild plants that not only give you great energy, but also heal you at the same time?“

We arrived in the mountains, in Hochkar in Lower Austria, as a group of about 20 persons. The first thing one notices upon getting out of the car was the incredibly fresh, clean and cool air with the beautiful sound of nature – what a cleaning environment for our soul! A wonderful place, where we will spend the following two days.

The program consisted of hiking the beautiful mountains, learning about all edible plants on the go that we encountered and also collecting them.


Let me show you three useful plants we learned, starting from the most common one…



Cumin are the seeds of this delicate plant and are used widely as an ingredient for cooking and baking, mostly used in bread and meat. It aids in weight loss and detox!

Health benefits:

  • purifies your blood
  • warms your stomach
  • improves digestion
  • burns fat reserves

Lady’s mantle

Lady’s mantle earned its name because the leaves of this plant look very much like a lady’s cape when you pluck it and look at it from the bottom. This can be collected, dried and used as tea, preferably for women. The best time to collect them is during Summer.

Health benefits:

  • great against female disorder, such as period pain
  • treats menstropausal symptoms
  • good for your womb
  • recommended before giving birth to decrease labour pain
  • the flowers are sweet smelling and are said to be an aphrodisiac

Bitter milkwort

This blue flower can mobilise heavy metals and thus can prevent a deterioration of your brain. Heavy metals like sticking themselves to fat and our brain consists mostly of fat cells. As this flower only mobilises the heavy metals out of your tissue, you need to drink lots of water for the body to get rid of it naturally through urination.

How to use it:
Put it in alcohol for about four weeks while exposing it to day- and nightlight. You may drink it together with a lot of water throughout the day, otherwise you might damage your brain. So use with caution. (Please note that I cannot be held accountable for any damages that may result from an improper use.)

There are wild plants that are used for medical purposes as seen above, but also many that can be used as vegetables, which we collected a proper amount of during these two days and prepared together in the hotel kitchen to have for lunch and dinner! And they all have great health benefits!


This workshop was just perfect for me – educational, useful, fun and above all: Great for my health to be in fresh mountain air & sunlight and to have the freshest and healthiest plants as my source of energy!


Forget-me-not <3


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