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On a mission to inspire you to live a healthier and happier life. I created this blog to share my passion for holistic nutrition, natural healing, my quest for longevity and everything I love that brings joy and happiness, with you.

Nature has given us all the things we need to thrive and stay healthy, both body & mind. However, along the path we have strayed and forgotten valuable knowledge and thus I want to rediscover as much as possible, especially ancient knowledge and share it with you, so we can all benefit from it.

I believe sickness is a not necessarily a negative thing, as it is a process in which the body is trying to get rid of waste matter within the body and alarming you at the same time that your current habits (especially eating habits) are not optimal. Thus, instead of instantly taking medications to suppress the symptoms, which the Western medicine have been urging us to do, we have to find and eliminate the cause. In my opinion, the medications we take may cause us more harm than does us good and is also a reason for further, more severe sicknesses. This is something I must enlighten you about and I can not wait to share all the knowledge I have discovered so far with you, especially how nutrition will help you heal again.

Ultimately, my goal is to find the truth about longevity. Longevity for me is not only about living a long life, but living a fulfilled, contented life with a healthy body and clear mind to enjoy it. I strongly believe nutrition plays a main role and listening to your own body and trusting it is a key factor.

In my blog, I want to not only share the knowledge behind everything, but also share easy tips and tricks with you, so you can instantly apply them into your daily life and follow me along my journey of longevity.

Lots of love,




My name is Michelle Yan and I am the person behind Rainbowful. I was born in China’s third biggest city Guangzhou and I emigrated to beautiful Vienna in Austria when I was six years old. As such, I am blessed to be multilingual and speak Cantonese Chinese, Mandarin Chinese, German and English fluently and possess basic knowledge in French.

I am very much like water, constantly moving in multiple directions.

The artsy side of me: I have been partly working as a photo model and actress in the theatre, films and ads. I enjoy dancing, which I started at a tender age of four and occasionally perform on stage. At this moment, end of 2018, I am rehearsing for my first musical play “Miss Saigon”, where I am able to combine what I love: Singing, dancing and acting. Music and singing are the most soothing things to do for me. As a child I loved drawing and had private lessons with an artist. However, I stopped because he would not teach me the advanced things I wanted to learn and instead kept on with the basics. Today, I switched from drawing to photography and it is my dream to travel our beautiful world, discover hidden places, take breathtaking pictures with the person I love and sharing it with the world to inspire.

The professional side of me: I hold two Bachelor degrees in Economics (International Business Administration with Chinese and the standard Business Administration with specialization in Finance and Entrepreneurship & Innovation). I started studying Nutritional Science as well, yet it was entirely not what I expected and I was hugely disappointed and stopped after the first term. Instead, I have taken nutritional courses from other universities in my free time, which were so much better. However, the true value of knowledge lies in the many, partly forgotten books I have read so far and I need to share the key points with you that will surely change your life for the better!

At this moment, end of 2018, I am working as a sales manager for the vinery and wine trading company “Groszer Wein” and am responsible for worldwide export, in particular to Asian countries. Beside that, I write a weekly lifestyle column for “Boerse Express”, Austrian’s leading news wire. In the “not really” remaining time, I am in Client Relations for “Monajemi Financial Services” aiming to help mainly members of international organizations with their investment matters.

Oh, by the way, I am also a certified medical massage therapist. Talk about versatile haha! Although initially I wasn’t so eager to pursue this education, it has changed my life and is the trigger to so many things I’ve done ever since. I have seen too many people suffering from completely preventable sicknesses due to a lack of knowledge about the truth. This is the biggest motivation for me to start this blog and share the things I know with you and nutrition is the key point in it. I hope to be living in a world free from preventable sicknesses such as heart diseases and diabetes.


Why is the blog called „Rainbowful“?

  • Rainbow/Rainbow flag has been associated with gay pride. For me, it is equivalent to acceptance. I believe acceptance is vastly important nowadays. I accept everyone’s own choices in all aspects and keep an open mind about new opinions and ideas. So everyone is welcomed to Rainbowful, no matter whether you are a meat lover or a strict vegan. Although, it is my mission to inspire you to take better choices for your health and thus make your life happier! 😉
  • Rainbows have many colours, so for me rainbowful is a synonym for colourful. I believe our food should be rainbowful/colorful with lots of variety to keep you healthy and happy.
  • Just like the many colours of a rainbow I have many interests and love trying out, discovering and learning new things.
  • My favourite weather is the rare moment of sunshine coupled with rain, thus creating rainbows! Haha! It makes me happy to see rainbows. =)
  • My Chinese name is 严彩恩, the when coupled to 彩虹 means rainbow =)

So from now on, rainbowful is synonymous with colourful, happy, healthy, beautiful, accepting … you know, just all the good words! 😉


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